Faux Boxwood
A Gorgeous Touch of Greenery

Boxwood Hedge 1.jpg

Artificial Boxwood Hedge

Boxwood Topiary Balls.jpg

Boxwood Topiary Balls

Lrg Leaf Boxwood Hedge.jpg

Large Leaf Boxwood
Hedge Topiary

Boxwood Trimmed Topiary.jpg

Boxwood Hedge
Trimmed Topiary

Azelea Topiary Hedge.jpg

Azalea Topiary Hedge

Faux Boxwood Greenery.jpg

Artificial boxwood is the new natural and becoming more popular
for good reason.  Outdoor artificial boxwood hedges, topiaries or structures are great for privacy or disguising any unsightly views.

Faux Boxwood Greenery2.jpg

Our sophisticated boxwoods are designed to emulate the texture and

beauty of real greenery.  

Faux Boxwood Greenery3.jpg
Boxwood Roll.jpg

Artificial Boxwood Roll

Trimmed Boxwood Mat.jpg

Outdoor Boxwood Mat Foliage

Faux Boxwood Hedge.jpg

Faux Boxwood Hedge

Boxwood Bush.jpg

Artificial Boxwood Bush Plant

Exterior Boxwood Hedge.jpg

Exterior Boxwood Hedge

Whether indoor or out, we can customize the shape, size and color to fit any environment and decor.  With no maintenance, you will get to enjoy these weatherproof greens all year round.  Our boxwoods are UV resistant and made to withstand all hot or cold weather conditions.


  Contact us to begin upgrading your outdoor environment and experience the difference custom made boxwoods can add to any space.